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Automating SKU Content Development through a Proprietary Cloud-Based Platform.


Ecommerce was the final nail in the coffin for retail businesses. Their retail model had been completely overshadowed by the likes of Amazon and Ebay. A major corporation that deals in retail of office supplies approached us and had a similar issue. Their marketshare was decreasing day-by-day and the only solution was to invest in ecommerce. They had everything in place for a major shift, but lacked an efficient system to populate SKU content.


Their market survey concluded that the maximum capacity that anyone was willing to offer them was around 2000-3000 SKUs per month. This would mean about 5 years to get 200,000 SKUs developed! They reached out to us.

Services provided


  • App Development


We had never processed 10k SKUs in a month. In most cases, SKU development is handled by large teams and an over-reliance on excel sheets. Owing to our expertise in providing innovative solutions, we couldn’t head back to Excel.


We decided to automate the process and called it ONSKU (read On Skew). The solution allowed us to hire tens of research, content and design folks and schedule, monitor and manage their tasks and output. ONSKU allowed us to eliminate duplication of work and provided a standardized platform to maintain quality and volume commitments.


We processed over 200k SKUs in about a year’s time. Our efficiency allowed Staples to scale up and get into various categories like Books and Furniture that were not part of their core business. We were a major contributor and helped the product team meet their objectives for their online catalogue.

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