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Driving Revenue through Social Engagement—One Ticket at a Time


Connecting with others has never been this easy, but that’s certainly not the case if you’re the trying to develop a platform that facilitates social engagement on a large-scale. One client had a business model that was based on providing a platform that promoted public events through the registration and sale of e-tickets.

Services provided


  • App Development
  • Experience Design


Our client had a host of issues: from a buggy app interface, clunky user experience to the abandonment of a newly-acquired platform because it was missing its API layer.

Bottom-line: the brand was in dire need of a revamp—both in terms of design and development.


M3hive team had their work cut out for them, but were determined to deliver. We stayed true to our process—starting off with conceptualization and building our creative design based on UI/UX best practices. Amidst the tight deadlines and countless cups of coffee, the new app started taking shape.

Next, we moved onto the mobile app; the client wanted to shift to mobile since the live web version was not only clunky but also wasn’t taking advantage of the users moving from web to mobile.


The new optimized android and web apps were stable and did not eat-up the user’s data usage, and invited a ton of new users on the platform. The ticketing mechanism introduced a new revenue stream and users could switch between one OS and the other, which increased convenience. Also, performance metrics are incomplete with numbers to back them up—better management of the servers resulted in AWS bills dropping by $10,000/month!

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