Team Augmentation in a Post-Covid Economy

Catastrophe can be a catalyst for positive change.


A little over a year ago, we didn’t know much about social distancing, lockdowns or self-isolation—or that we would live through them for the rest of the year. Nobody could have foreseen the storm that was brewing. Who’d have thought that there would be a time we’d have to knock elbows instead of shaking hands, stand two meters apart from one another at all times, or abandon going into the office altogether?


The fact is, things have changed. Even with vaccines now being rolled out, there are elements of this so-called new normal that are likely to stay with us for the foreseeable future—perhaps even forever.


The events of the past year have prompted many leaders within the tech sphere to take a closer look at midterm and long-term workforce planning strategies. Though no one can predict how far off the next normal is, it is crucial for leaders to adapt to a new way of working with an expanded understanding of flexibility.


One significant shift is the widespread adoption of technology that enables companies to leverage on-demand expertise for increased efficiency, productivity and adaptability. So, for the companies all over the world who are facing a hard time with unmet product development goals or abandoned work, team augmentation can be the key to bridging the gap and returning to form.


A New Playbook of Operations.


As the business world looks to make up for the losses of the pandemic, the huge value on the table through operations modernization cannot be ignored. By embracing the highest level of operations maturity, businesses can directly aid the post-COVID recovery and de-risk innovation by integrating talent on-demand.


Team augmentation is an innovative approach that allows companies to hire qualified resources remotely and complete projects without any geographical restrictions. Known to be the workforce-of-the-future, the team augmentation model connects organizations with skilled, independent workers to fill talent and resourcing gaps within internal teams across a variety of industries. This model has become more important than ever as businesses have been forced to take operations digital and adapt to changing customer expectations that demand hyper-responsiveness from all functions of the business.


Three primary characteristics that compel entrepreneurs to augment their teams through staff augmentation are cost-efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. The technique offers a wide range of options to recruit candidates according to organizational requirements and acquire project-specific skills both on a short or long-term basis.


Recruiting the Right People for the Right Job.


That said, however, it is extremely critical to find the right team augmentation partner with the experience and record of delivering high value with a remote delivery model.


At M3hive, we have found your answer. We specialize in assembling high-performing and cost-effective remote teams from our extended development centers spread out across the globe. We have built a model that provides clients with the crucial software development expertise they need while preserving ownership of IP, workflows and processes within the company, and also eliminating the risks inherent to an outsourcing model.


We call this model the M3hive Team Integration Framework, and in engagement after engagement, we’ve demonstrated this unique approach to be a highly effective complement to a company’s recruiting plan. When we partner with you, we leverage our framework to match the work to the skill set of a team – rather than engage people who ‘fit a profile’ and assign them work. Then we integrate these resources into your company’s workflows, your company’s processes, and your company’s culture. We take care of the onboarding and management, and we assume financial risk for the success of the engagement.


In fact, when assessing the need for customized staffing augmentation with a prospective client, we filter the viability of the potential partnership through the Team Integration Framework. In offloading from our clients any uncertainty around success, we’re putting that risk on ourselves, so we have to be sure the potential engagement is a good fit.


And the feedback from our clients who’ve benefited from this model has been unequivocal. As one of them so eloquently puts it:


“We’ve stayed with M3hive even after the development was done because we just love our engineers that much. And we love the fact that while we sleep, somebody is on our site. We’ve got eyes on the product 24 hours a day.” – Doris Schwartz, CEO of WILLPORTtrust


Investing in Opportunistic Transformations.


Technology has proven that much of our work can be done efficiently from home. So, as pandemic restrictions ease, company leaders need to make decisions about how to achieve an optimal remote work strategy. Unlike the reactive shift that began abruptly in early 2020, the coming shift needs to be proactive and intentional to get ahead of innovation.


M3hive believes in the value of bringing people together. Rather than simply shifting operations “back to normal,” we urge leaders to think about how they can leverage recent remote-work experiences to intentionally plan for a remote workforce in the future by integrating the team augmentation model. And, whether you lead a company or a small team, now is the time to start planning.


Are you ready to consider a work from anywhere (WFA) policy?


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